We love this sloth!

Posted by Jie Zhang on

The infuser itself is unbelievably cute. It’s nice to see his smiles while you're steeping your tea. The little critter does hang adorably over the edge of the cup, in that respect you will not be disappointed, but I find him too short to emerge into the water in my coffee mug. It is probably designed better for tea cup.

In terms of the infusion, the silicone doesn't leave any weird aftertaste and it looks so relaxed just hanging around the hot tub, which in tern makes you relax as well. I did have some small tea particles floating out into the water but it's not a big issue for me. I used dehydrated leaf tea or flower tea, half a tea spoon is a perfect amount for him. 

It is also quite easy to clean, just rinse it with water seems to keep him nice and clean. Overall, for the price, I'm very happy with my purchase!

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