7 Gifts That Your Girlfriend Actually Want

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January, month of empty pockets! However, your girlfriend still wants a present every once in a while. Valentine’s Day, Anniversary’s Day, her birthday are just at the conner. 

In this tough time, we offer you the ultimate gift selection to survive from a tight budget without sacrificing the joy. We have done all the leg work for you and filled this page with 7 great gift ideas for fun, unique and adorable gifts. 

1. Nail Ring Polish Holder ($2.99)

This nail polish holder is super convenient to use: the silicone ring holds almost any sized or shaped bottle of polish. It is easily squeeze to open finger holes and avoid smudging allow you to paint nails literally anywhere she go.

2. Mr Tea Infuser ($2.99)

There is nothing like coming home from a long day at work, putting on your comfy pants, stuffing some tea leaves in, and climbing into your own big bathtub. The hot steam will help you relax. 

3.Lazy Man Plant Stand ($3.99)

Enjoy the pleasure of table garden. These indoor lazy man plant stands keep you good company also a environmental friendly decoration for room and office.

4. Lama Socks ($4.99)

Amuse and comfortable with those lama socks that looks awesome enough to be noticed. Taking shoes off is suddenly fun when she wear these Socks.

5. Banana Wine Stopper ($6.56)

Well nobody gets as excited as Mr Banana over his favourite drink! This hilarious wine corks is just waiting to entertain guests and securely plug your wine's hole until you desire another tasty glass from your favourite beverage!

6. Plush Emoji Pillow ($6.99)

Simply use those cute and fluffy emoji pillows as an unique way to express yourself.

7. Pixel Heart Heat Changing Coffee Mug ($11.65)

This clever mug reacts to heat and changes its design according to the heat of the drink that's poured in. A red pixel heart will appear when the mug is filled with a hot drink but will turn into a black heart once the liquid starts to cool. 

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