Clever and compact portable coffee maker

Posted by Jie Zhang on

I travel a lot for work and it’s hard to get a fresh cup of coffee to save me from the sleepy early morning until I found this espresso maker. The price seems reasonable, I saw the same item in a cafe for a much higher price and were glad I didn't make an impulse buy.

I love using this coffee maker instead of drinking the gross coffee, which costs like $6 while travelling. It's very convenient to have with me sine it's unexpectedly small - about the size of a 500mL water bottle. I need to use both hands to pump 20 or 30 times to get a full shot. It takes normally about three minutes to do so.

A tip here, you need to warm up the espresso maker before making an espresso. I recommend heating up your cup as well. Although it only brews 1 shot each time, it is easy enough to repeat the process.

All in all, I recommend this product for people who don't have access to reliable good coffee or can't have a huge espresso machine with them at work or travelling.

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