Build Super Mario Room With $10

Posted by Jie Zhang on

I came across these cool wall stickers browsing online and decided to buy them to decorate our new apartment and surprise my boyfriend.  

 After 20 minutes of measuring and visualising, the layout turned out to be impressive! The wall stickers look just amazing on our wall, and take up a lot of space that would have been empty and boring otherwise. The stickers also remind me of my old school days playing super Mario with my brother in hot summer days.

We have received tons of compliments from family and friends and as huge Super Mario fans, we are indeed thrilled of the result. Therefore we have wrote our story to share our experience and inspire others.


Above is Michelle's story with our Super Mario Wall Stickers, we would like to thank her again for sharing the feedback and as promised, we have send Michelle a mermaid tail blanket as a rewarding gift. 

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